Redesign 2010
Welcome to the new Sportability!

Happy New Year! You'll probably notice that we've made some changes around here lately. While you were off sipping eggnog and watching 31 of 34 possible bowl games, we were toiling away revamping the site.

The first things you'll notice are the cosmetic changes: a new logo (farewell, strangely caPitalized and colored P), a new color scheme and a much cleaner layout. After ten years, we thought it was time to give the site a little facelift.

As you poke around further, you'll see the changes aren't just skin-deep. We've re-thought just about every page, form and process to help improve the flow of tasks like setting up player stats or completing a registration. The goal was to make things tidier and more intuitive. A couple of concrete examples:

  • Using Google Analytics, we've discovered that 75% of you have screens that support a wider format, so we've moved all our 'action' navigation (Add New this, Export that) to the right hand column, making it easier to access the tasks you need to do most often.
  • We've retooled the old 'Choose a League' page, turning it into your Admin Summary - a ton of summary information and one-click links to all your data
  • We've responded to one of our most-heard requests - sub-branding on the public side. Your logo is now displayed on every page throughout the public and registration areas

We're confident that we've created a lean, mean, league administration machine to help you do your job faster and better.

If you have a comment about the changes, or a suggestion for further improvements, please contact Tech Support. It has always been feedback from our users that helps us keep the site useful and relevant.

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